Friday, May 30, 2014

Recognizing the Great Things that Our Employees Do

At Redstone Highlands and Senior Independence of Southwestern Pennsylvania, we have a wonderful program in which our employees can be recognized for wonderful things that they do each and every day while serving our residents, their family members, and other friends of our organization. This DOVE Recognition Program is inspired by the Redstone Highlands logo, and its acronym stands for: Distinction Of Visible Excellence.

Nominating an individual for a DOVE Recognition is very simple. On each Redstone Highlands campus, recognition cards are available for residents, their family members, or staff to fill out and notify the DOVE committee when an employee does something good that should be recognized.  These cards can be obtained at deposit boxes located in all main lobbies and near each employee time clock. The DOVE committee will collect and review these cards on a monthly basis. Following the committee’s review, the employee and his or her supervisor will receive notification of the recognition. The employee will also receive a token of appreciation for a “job well done.” Certain notable acts will be recognized publicly at the annual DOVE Banquet.

In addition to individual recognitions, each department will be recognized during a designated week of the year. Some weeks will coincide with national recognition weeks (i.e. National Nurses Week), but in order to keep all employees involved, the DOVE committee will be recognizing every department throughout the year even if no official week applies. During each department’s recognition week, the names of each employee within that department will be recognized on Touchtown TV and on monthly activities calendars that are distributed to residents.

Lastly, Redstone employees who have reached a significant milestone in the number of years that they have served will receive a special gift for their service. The names of these individuals will also be listed on materials that are distributed and displayed at the DOVE Recognition Banquet.

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