Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Think Outside the Box - Celebrity Blog

We are pleased to have a celebrity blogger who has allowed us to use one of his blogs. This blog was written by North Huntingdon resident Rev. Richard L Morgan.

It’s so easy at any age to stay in a rut, and not change. This is especially true for older people, many of whom resist change. I, for one, applaud the changes our retirement community is making on our first floor, converting bare walls and drab surroundings to a Main Street motif, with exciting murals, a Highlanders bar, and high definition TVs. But, some of the residents resist change, and spend time griping about it. I told one group that babies cry to be changed, and old people cry when they have to change. I think it’s great to take new risks, and think outside the box. We did that ten years ago when we moved from our lovely home in North Carolina to western Pennsylvania. I can still see the boxes lined up in the hall, before we could get them all unpacked and settle in. But that move, hard as it was, had positive results. We relieved our four adult children of worrying about us as we age in place. Living at Redstone Highlands means continued care as long as we live. Furthermore, despite the crammed space, I have written four new books and co-authored three others. Sure, we miss our old friends, but we have made new friends here. On another occasion when some malcontent was complaining about the changes on the first floor, I quietly said, “Some people make things happen; others watch things happen, and the third group wonder what happened!! I am glad that Redstone Highlands makes things happen, and when the Main Street project is completed, I believe most will like the changes!

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