Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Misconceptions of Supportive Care (Personal Care) at Redstone Highlands

Supportive Care is like an institution.
Reality: Supportive Care provides a home atmosphere that offers assistance with daily activities/needs of the resident.

Once you move into Supportive Care, you are not allowed to leave.
Reality: Residents that live in Supportive Care have the right to leave and return to the home freely.

All residents in Supportive Care are confused.
Reality: There are a wide range of mental abilities among Supportive Care residents however, it is important to understand that residents can thrive with the proper support and environment that Supportive Care can provide.

Residents in Supportive Care have no privacy.
Reality: Residents that live in Supportive Care have the right to privacy of self and possessions, privacy of incoming and outgoing mail, the right to have privacy of healthcare information and the right to freely associate, organize and communicate with others privately.

Supportive Care costs will cause bankruptcy.
Reality: Supportive Care is a cost effective option for individuals who require assistance with cognitive and/or physical impairments. 

Residents in Supportive Care are sedated to control “behaviors.”
Reality: Supportive Care residents have the right to be free of chemical restraints. Medications are used to manage physical symptoms to ensure resident safety. 

Family and friends are not allowed to visit residents who live in Supportive Care.
Reality: Supportive Care residents have the right to receive visitors for a minimum of 12 hours daily, seven days per week.

The food quality is low in Supportive Care.
Reality: Redstone Highlands’ Supportive Care provides a variety of meals for residents to choose from in a restaurant style atmosphere.

There are no activities provided in Supportive Care.
Reality: Redstone Highlands has an activities department which offers multiple activities on a daily basis promoting physical, sensory, spiritual, social and intellectual programs. Residents receive a monthly calendar outlining the activities.

 If I am not Presbyterian, I cannot live in Supportive Care at Redstone Highlands.
Reality: Redstone Highlands does not discriminate based on religious beliefs and welcomes residents of many denominations.