Thursday, May 1, 2014

Employee Spotlight - Karen Stock

January 1980, a young woman named Karen Stock was hired into the Activities Department at the Greensburg Home of the Redstone Presbytery.  The Steelers had just won the Super Bowl, and Karen had recently made Pennsylvania her home.  She found her purpose and mission of life when she began working at Redstone.  Karen found it to be very comfortable, fun, challenging, and gratifying to be a part of this community.

Karen has always had a special bond with the elderly. Continuing to see their beauty, being able to provide a laugh, sharing a memory, and making new ones are her favorite aspects of her career.  Whether it means holding someone’s hand or being there when their journey is ending, Karen will stay with her residents through the good times and the bad.

Karen’s coworker for many years, Brenda Sobota, had these kind words to say about her, “She is simply a gift to Redstone.  I always think about how can Karen maintain the ability to be committed and continue to care so much after so many years.  She is unflagging in her commitment of serving the people here.  She is the continuing dedication of quality that we can offer to our staff.  She is very talented and we are blessed to have such an amazing person like Karen.”

“It has been my good fortune to have met so many residents on their life’s journey.  It is a privilege to work here, where lives intertwine to benefit all in love, peace, mutual trust, and understanding.  I have truly been blessed over these past 34 years, and I take a degree of satisfaction in the sure knowledge that my presence has made a difference in so many lives,” Karen explains.

Karen, throughout your 34 years of employment with us, you have been and continue to be an amazing gift to Redstone Highlands Communities.  Thank you for your never-ending commitment and the gifts that you bring to our residents, staff, friends, and families every day.

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