Friday, March 29, 2013

Resurrection within a Community of Seniors

  "The resurrection witness is to the power of life that cannot be defeated. Even death is not able to stop the living. The power of life is manifest in the Resurrected One who lives in the community that witnesses to Christ and life itself...The miracle of resurrection is recognized each time someone rises from death to defeat terror, to take a breath and utter a cry. To remember the resurrection is to affirm human resistance and resilience and agency." - Flora Keshgegian
Today is Friday. Good Friday. The day upon which Christians around the world remember the passion of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is a day for quiet reflection, prayer and gratitude. Special services are being held on each of our Redstone campuses in commemoration of this holiest of weeks in the Christian year.
But if this is Good Friday, we also remember that on the third day comes Easter Sunday. The Day of Resurrection. The day that fills all other days with hope, and promise, and light, and life.
Within our Redstone Communities, we see signs of resurrection each and every day. Some, who may be unfamiliar with the special blessings of a community like Redstone, find this to be surprising. How can there be resurrection in a community of seniors? How can there be resurrection in a skilled nursing facility? How can a community like Redstone witness to the resurrection?
We see it every day. Here are but a few of our stories…we’ve changed the names, but the experiences are real…
Anne – who was sure that her life was over when she fell and broke her hip. But after a few weeks of rehab at Redstone she is ready to get home to the life she has enjoyed… including babysitting her grandchildren on a regular basis. Resurrection.
Phyllis – who begrudgingly acquiesced to her children’s wishes that she move to a retirement community. But instead of mournfully passing her days as she expected, she is enjoying every moment of lunches shared with new friends, evening card parties, and a good cardio workout in the senior fit program. Resurrection.
Bill – who thought the sadness of losing his beloved wife would never ease… until he met that special someone here at Redstone with whom he can share the precious memories of the spouses they have lost, while making new memories of their life shared together. Resurrection.
Louise – who came into hospice care frightened by what this closing chapter would be like for her and her family, and found herself surrounded by loving care, comfort, and peace. Resurrection.
In this season of Easter, we rejoice in a God who continually makes things new. And we rejoice in our Redstone Communities, which help to bring new life, hope, and joy for the living of all of our days.
Life cannot be defeated. Happy Easter, everyone!
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