Friday, March 15, 2013

Downsizing in Your Retirement Years

The majority of today’s retirees are living in the home in which they raised their family. Many of those homes have two stories, rooms no longer in use and, unfortunately, far too many require maintenance or costly repairs. When the home that served you well for so many years becomes a burden, or even a liability, it’s time to consider other options.
Condominium living is popular because it eliminates outside maintenance and offers a larger space than an apartment. Keep in mind that if the community is not age restricted (an active adult community), you may have families with young children or teenagers as your neighbors. As investments are concerned, it’s advisable to do your homework, as some condominium communities struggle to maintain their value in the current real estate market.

Apartments are a good choice for those looking for a no-maintenance lifestyle since repairs and upkeep are the landlord’s responsibility. Since neighbors live closer together, you might want to research what is available in your community that is age restricted.

A retirement community if often preferred by retirees looking ahead to their future. Continuing Care Resident Communities (CCRC’s) offer independent living options in addition to access to care and services residents may want now or need in the future. Redstone Highlands offers two styles of independent living. Villa homes and senior apartments both include a service package, priority access into other levels of care in addition to clubs and free events.

If moving seems like too much work now, consider how much harder it will be as you get older. Putting off the decision to downsize while you’re able often times passes the unintended responsibility to adult children or other family members. When considering downsizing in your retirement years, sooner is definitely better than later.

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