Thursday, October 16, 2014

Senior Fit is Changing Resident Lives at Redstone!

Senior Fit is Changing Resident Lives at Redstone!

Here is a testimonial....

SENIOR FITNESS is one of the best choices Redstone has ever made on behalf of its residents. A little more than two years ago the residents on all of the campuses were introduced to a program that would make a real difference in our lives. My friend Judy and I have been faithfully participating in the weekly Monday, Wednesday and Thursday sessions under the expert and energetic direction of our exercise physiologists. The vital areas of muscle building and toning, strengthening and balance are addressed.  Judy and I repeat many of these exercises in our apartment and visit the building's exercise room where machines are available.

Due to this program, I am able to manage the rheumatoid arthritis I have had for the past 35 years without medication. My levels of endurance for daily living demands, 30 minutes of exercise walking each day, plus other activities that require strength and energy have greatly improved. Managing my diabetes has also been positively affected by my participation in SENIOR FIT. My friend's cholesterol levels have been so noticeably affected that her PCP was amazed at her recent annual physical.

We have only two words to say to Redstone in order to convey our excitement for this opportunity to improve our health, particularly to VP for Quality Services Vicki Loucks who championed the program:  THANK YOU! We deeply appreciate Redstone's foresight and interest in improving our quality of life. 

- Barb Melvin and Judy Barry, residents at Redstone Murrysville 

Resident Judy Barry

Resident Barb Melvin

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