Friday, June 27, 2014

Resident Spotlight - Bob Eakin

Think of your favorite hobby. Do you think that you will be participating in it when you are in your 90s? No one can tell what their future will hold, but for those who are lucky to be in good health, their twilight years can be some of the best and most proactive years of their lives. A wonderful example of a person flourishing late in life can be seen in our North Huntingdon resident, Bob Eakin. Bob is a very talented and generous man who has lived at Redstone for a little over a year. At 94, he has spent the last 15 years of his life performing the art of woodworking.

Before moving to Redstone, Bob resided in Herminie, PA with his wife and daughter. He was employed at the Kroger Meat Plant in the Maintenance Department until the time of his retirement. Although he had no experience in woodworking, he decided to pick it up as a hobby. Since then, his work has ranged from cars and trains to dollhouses and music boxes. All are very detailed as you can see in the photo above. Bob spends anywhere from 50 to over 100 hours on one piece. Spending so many hours on something this detailed can be tedious and difficult for some, but Bob enjoys every minute of the time spent in his workshop at the Redstone Highlands North Huntingdon Campus.

Although much time and effort is put into his pieces, he has never entered any of them into a contest. He used to bring them to craft shows, but decided that wasn’t for him. Woodworking is simply a hobby for Bob. So, what does he do with all of these beautiful works of art? He donates them! He has given many of them away and has put quite a few of them on display at Redstone Highlands. We are grateful for Bob’s generosity and talent!

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